Retinal Circuits and Optogenetics

Retinale Verschaltungen und Optogenetik

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Research topic

We use the mammalian retina as a model system to explore how the structure of neural circuits and their function are interrelated.

Our work has two major focus areas. First, we study the healthy retina, and explore structure and connectivity of retinal circuits that allow complex imaging computations to be performed. One focus is light adaptation, which has dramatic effects on the way information is processed by the retina.
Second, we use the retinas of animals affected by blindness to explore novel optogenetic tools to restore the function of the retina after retinal degeneration. Here, we apply our knowledge about normal retinal function to recreate vision as faithfully as possible.

In addition to these two foci, we are generally interested in visual processing as a whole, ranging from light perception in small annelid worms to the role of glial cells in mammals.