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Data Science for Vision Research

We use machine learning, high-dimensional statistics, physics driven modeling and data visualization to develop algorithms to analyze large and complex datasets in neuroscience and ophthalmology. In the retina, we aim to understand the link between the computations performed by individual cell types, the circuits they are part of and the underlying genetics and anatomy. Also, we are interested in developing interpretable, uncertainty-aware algorithms for improving clinical decision making. We collaborate closely with our experimental and clinical partners to answer fundamental questions about how visual information is processed and how degenerative diseases of the eye can be detected early.

Members of the Berens Lab - Data Science for Vision Research at the Institute for Ophthalmic Research

We are part of the Cluster of Excellence "Machine Learning - New Perspectives for Science" funded in the Excellence Initiative. The cluster will develop new machine learning algorithms for accelerating scientific discovery and reflect upon the implications of an increased use of machine learning in science.

We are also part of the BMBF Competence Center for Machine Learning "Tübingen AI Center".