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Data Science for Vision Research

The neural circuits of the visual system are a hallmark example of complex systems. Our goal is to understand how neural circuits in the retina implement computations by connecting different cell types with distinct morphologies, biophysics and genetics. Understanding their “building blocks” will help us to unravel the principles of neural computation and allow us to understand how neural function is affected in disease. To this end, we develop machine learning algorithms and statistical solutions for large-scale neuroscience and clinical diagnostics.

Members of the Berens Lab - Data Science for Vision Research at the Institute for Ophthalmic Research

We are part of the Cluster of Excellence "Machine Learning - New Perspectives for Science" funded in the Excellence Initiative. The cluster will develop new machine learning algorithms for accelerating scientific discovery and reflect upon the implications of an increased use of machine learning in science.

We are also part of the BMBF Competence Center for Machine Learning "Tübingen AI Center".