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2018-2020: BMBF Project "Automatische Daten-Getriebene Inferenz in Mechanistischen Modellen"

  •  with Philipp Hennig, Jakob Macke and Marcel Oberlaender

2018-2020: DFG Heisenberg Professorship "Data Science for Vision Research"

2018-2020: DFG Priority Program 2041 "Computational Connectomics"

2017-2022: NIH BRAIN Initiative Comprehensive Cell Type Center

  • with Baylor College of Medicine, Allen Institute for Brain Science, Karolinska and others

2017-2020: Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg, Neurorobotik Initiative

  • "RetNetControl" with G. Zeck

2017-2021: DFG CRC 1233 "Robust Vision"

2016-2021: BMBF Bernstein Award

  • "Cell type specific computations", (FKZ 01GQ1601)


2015-2017: DFG Research Grant

  • "How response diversity of retinal ganglion cells arises from the synaptic interactions in the inner retina" (BE 5601/1-1)