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Head of the Lab

Members of the Lab

  • Team Leader "Cell Census Project"
  • Transcriptomics, Data science, Cell types

Murat Seckin Ayhan, Ph. D.

  • Research Associate
  • Medical imaging, Deep Learning
  • Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Neuroanatomy, biophysical modeling, outer retina

Yannik Bauer

  • Visiting PhD student (with L. Busse, LMU Munich)
  • LGN experiments and modeling

Yves Bernarts

  • PhD student
  • Member Cell Census Team
  • Biophysical modeling, cell types, V1
  • PhD student
  • Integrationg of 2p imaging data and neuroanatomy

Sophie Laturnus

  • PhD student
  • Member Cell Census Team
  • Neuroanatomy, connectivity

Lara Hoefling

  • Visiting PhD student (with T. Euler, Tuebingen)
  • Neuroprosthetics

Jan Lause

Jonathan Oesterle

  • PhD student
  • Neuroprosthetics, biophysical modeling

Cornelius Schröder

  • PhD student
  • Biophysical modeling & neural coding

Sarah Strauß

  • Ph.D. student, with T. Euler, Tübingen
  • Biophysical modeling

Valeska Botzenhardt

  • Administrative Assistant

Adam von Darany

  • Scientific Software Developer

Alumni of the Lab

Marie Bellet

  • Research Assistant
  • Data management

Luke Rogerson