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Neural Data Science for Vision Research

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Head of the Lab

  • PD Dr. rer. nat.
  • Group Leader (tenured)

Members of the Berens Lab

  • Murat Ayhan
    (Research Associate), ML-based medical diagnostics
  • Yannik Bauer
    (Smart Start student with Busse Lab), LGN experiments and analysis
  • Christian Behrens
    (PhD Student), Simulation of retinal neurons / neuroprosthetics
  • Ziwei Huang
    (PhD Student), Analysis of imaging data / simulation
  • Dmitry Kobak
    (Research Associate), Single-cell transcriptomics
  • Luke Edward Rogerson
    (PhD Student with Euler lab), Analysis of imaging data
  • Cornelius Schröder
    (PhD student), Neural coding
  • Sophie Laturnus
    (PhD student), Analysis of neural morphologies
  • Valeska Botzenhardt
    (Administrative Assistant, Tel. 2988803)
  • Marie Schmidt
    (Research Assistant), Data management