Core Facility for Medical Bioanalytics

Core Facility für Medizinische Bioanalytik

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Working with us

1. Contact us

If you think about submitting samples to the Core Facility contact us as early as possible before you prepare samples or send them. You can either contact us directly or our partner institution QBiC.

2. Meet with QBiC and us

We will meet together with QBiC to get an introduction to your research project and discuss the experimental design. On this occasion you can also get some good advice on sample preparation. Further information on sample handling and protocols is available on this website.

3. Quote from QBiC

On behalf of QBiC Sven Nahnsen will provide to you an official quote for the analysis of your samples. Please contact him with questions regarding pricing.

4. Send your samples

You can bring the samples either directly to us or to QBiC. You will be notified as soon as the results are available.