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What roles do parallel synaptic feedback mechanisms play in the outer retina?

How are excitatory signals, from cones to bipolar cells to ganglion cells, relayed through the retina?

Towards a complete representation of visual information at a single retinal location - What set of visual stimuli is required to functionally classify the ~20 types of retinal ganglion cells in optical population recordings?

Where are specific GABA receptor subunits localized in direction selective (DS) microcircuits and what is their functional role? What is the contribution of GABAergic input to the dendritic computations in starburst amacrine cells in DS microcircuits?

Which types of retinal neurons carry chromatically "pure" signals? In view of the dorso-ventral opsin expression gradient in the mouse retina, how is chromatic information processed at different retinal locations?

What role do changes in intracellular calcium dynamics play in cone photoreceptors for cone cell death? Where does the spontaneous oscillatory activity arise in the remodelled outer retina of rd1 mice, a model for human Retinitis Pigmentosa?

How do retinal circuits, and in particular, inhibitory synapses in the outer and inner retina form during development?