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Local computations in the outer retina

Horizontal cell (magenta) contacting cone pedicles (cyan). By T. Schubert.

Feedback from horizontal cells to cone photoreceptors controls the photoreceptor’s output. However, the detailed interplay of multiple feedback mechanisms thought to exist is not fully elucidated.

The transgenic mouse HR2.1:TN-XL (Wei et al. 2012), in which cones express a genetically-encoded calcium indicator, is an excellent model to study horizontal-to-cone-feedback with terminal calcium as the readout. In combination with pharmacology, we aim to gain a better understanding to what extent the different putative feedback mechanisms operate in the mouse retina.

Our data suggest that ephaptic and pH-mediated, i.e. neurotransmitter-independent feedback mechanisms are of particular importance, whereas transmitter-dependent GABAergic feedback appears to play only a minor role.

Involved Scientists:Robin Kemmler, Timm Schubert
Funding Agency:Funded by the DFG (CIN-EXC 307, CIN pool project)