Quality and Capacity
of the Network Partners

The CavNET Consortium

All network partners (NP) have long-standing experience in the field of Ca2+-mediated functions in sensory systems, brain, intestine, endocrine cells, and heart, as evidenced by their publication records. The unifying aim of the NPs is to trace back pleiotropic and organ-specific functions of L-type Ca2+ channels to the distinct functions of the individual L-VGCC subtypes. Several groups have already successfully collaborated in the past and thus set the stage for a more intense collaboration with a strong educational focus. Exchange of mouse models and techniques in the beginning and potential pharmaco-therapeutic drugs in later stage will serve as unique research tools among highly qualified laboratories.

Note that this network proposal emerges from already existing collaborations among several NPs and that a number of important research tools (see below) has already successfully been developed. Shared research tools and complementary research experience will form a most productive platform for scientific breakthroughs achieved by excellently trained early or advanced young scientists and their host laboratories. All projects are conducted within research groups with several nationally funded experienced senior scientists. This provides a solid basis not only for excellent research opportunities but also a constructive teaching environment.

Further details about the partners:

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