May 17, 2017

Workshop @ iniLabs

In a two-day workshop, consortium member “iniLabs” hosted the switchboard Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) at its facilities. During the workshop, the ESRs were able to visit the company and the Institute of Neuroinformatics at the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich. The aim of the workshop was to provide participants with a working knowledge of the neuromorphic Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS), and to give them an insight into ongoing research into event-based vision.

SwitchBoard PhD students at a workshop in Zürich
SwitchBoard PhD students at a workshop in Zürich

March 17, 2017

BrainFair Zuerich - Open Days for Schools and General Public

The Neuroscience Center Zuerich, a joint competence center at ETH Zuerich and the University of Zuerich, organized "BrainFair", a public event that took place from 13 - 18 March 2017. Doors were open to young and old who wanted to get informed on the current research in Neuroscience. The program, lectures, forums and workshop, was topically centered all around the brain: its anatomy, its functions and ongoing research that mimic its behaviour. More information at

Early Stage Researcher Gemma Taverni, hosted at switchboard beneficiary 11, iniLabs, had the possibility to introduce students to her research. The students, 7-17 years old, were very interested and asked lots of questions about the Dynamic Vision Sensor, DVS, the silicon retina developed at iniLabs. It was a nice opportunity to motivate new future reseachers!

Gemma Taverni at BrainFair, explaining the structure of the eye to students.

May 04, 2017

ESRs arrange live stream of lecture by Joshua Singer

On Friday morning, May 19, 2017, Joshua Singer, Associate Professor at the Department of Biology, University of Maryland, will be giving a lecture at the University of Innsbruck at 9:00 am.

Title of his talk is "From synapse to circuit: analysis of retinal networks for night vision".

SwitchBoard's Early Stage Researchers Irem Kilicarslan and Lucia Zanetti are going to live-stream the event, see announcement on the switchBoard Blog

Number of attendees is limited, access data can be sent on request (email to Michaela.bitzer(at)

April 28, 2017

ESRs present their projects to the public at a Tübingen event

On Friday afternoon from 15:00 until 22:00, the general public was invited to get insight into Tübingen's cutting edge research at the "Tübingen Fenster für Forschung (Window to research)". The event attracted numerous visitors of all age groups. Researchers from the University, the University Clinics and the Max Planck Institutes, across many different disciplines, presented their work in lectures, guided lab tours and at interactive booths that  fascinated even the youngest visitors. Visitors could for example "walk" through a virtual reality environment, mix liquids of different color, see a 3-D printer "building" a human hand with movable finger joints and participate in many, many more fun and informative experiments. The event was concluded with a Science Slam.

ESRs Prerna Srivastava and David Klindt, hosted at switchBoard beneficiary 01, University of Tübingen, presented their switchBoard projects at one of the experimental booth.

"Tübingen Fenster für Forschung (Window to research)
ESRs Prerna Srivastava and David Klindt at their booth.
ESRs Prerna Srivastava and David Klindt at their booth.

January 23, 2017

switchBoard Blog

The official blog of the switchBoard project has been launched today.

The Blog has been  initiated and is currently run by one of the switchBoard Early Stage Researchers, Antonia Stefanov.

Check out the first entry on different cell types in the retina at

October 07, 2016

1° switchBoard Annual Meeting and Summer School

The first switchBoard Annual Meeting was successfully held in Tuebingen, Germany.

All Principal Investigators, fellows and members of the External Advisory Board were getting together at this meeting while the program was mainly composed of fellows' talks about their research projects.

Highlight of the Summer School was a visit at the Science Center "Experimenta" in Heilbronn (, to gather information and ideas for our own switchBoard Exhibit that we are organizing together with the Vilvite science Center in bergen, Norway (

January 10, 2016

Project start announced

on iniLabs webpage [PDF] and on webpage [PDF

November 18, 2015

Press release

Press release on switchBoard project launch by University of Tuebingen, Germany [PDF, 210 kByte].

September 11, 2015

Press release

announcing the successful funding of switchBoard in a Department Newsletter at University of Bergen, Norway [PDF, 600 kByte].

October 30, 2015

Website launched

The first version of the website of the switchBoard project was just launched.