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Dr. F. Cremers has been involved in retinal dystrophy research since 1987. As of 1991, he became head of the Division of Molecular Genetics, Department of Human Genetics, Nijmegen. He manages a 30-member research group, 15 of which are involved in retinal dystrophy research. This team, which includes drs. R. Roepman and A. den Hollander, has made significant contributions to the sensory disease field, in particular in positional cloning studies which culminated in the isolation of the choroideremia gene, the Norrie disease gene (NDP), the X-linked RP3 gene (RPGR), the RP12/LCA gene (CRB1) and the arCRD gene (ABCA4), as well as the X-linked DFN3 gene (POU3F4) and the autosomal dominant deafness type 9 gene (COCH). F. Cremers has managed a series of projects financed by the Foundation Fighting Blindness, USA, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, and has been involved in several multicenter research projects financed by the British Retinitis Pigmentosa Society (collaboration with prof. H.H. Ropers, Berlin and prof. Dr. W. Berger, Zürich). Dr. F. Cremers is one of six participants in the 5th framework project entitled: 'Crumbs therapeutics' (QLTR-2001-01266), in which 6 research groups together manage a multidisciplinary project aimed at the elucidation of the crumbs protein network. This programme started 1-9-2002 and meetings are scheduled every 6 months in one of the 6 institutes (Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Sheffield, Düsseldorf, Marseille, Napels) involved.