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We have previous experience in organising and managing EU research grants and experience of research collaboration between EU network partners. We are currently an active partner in a research training network grant (EU ref: HPRN-CT-2000-00098) with four other European partners (Zrenner, Sahel, Van-Veen and Humphries). We have experience in writing regular grant reports with deliverables and milestones clearly identified. The department has also hosted and trained Marie Currie Fellows (EU ref: QLK6-CT-2000-51192 and QLK3-1999-51190). We have also been involved in a programme (Science Programme of EU) with two other laboratories, Dr. Humphries and Dr. Gal in the genetic mapping studies of over 100 families with autosomal dominant retinitis pimgmentosa. These families were ascertained from within the EU and screened for the presence of mutations within the rhodopsin gene (see Farrar et al., 1991, Am. J. Hum. Genet., vol: 47 941-945). The laboratory has extensive international collaborations including those with Dr Wissinger (Tuebingen), Dr LÚveillard (Paris), Dr Cremers (Nijmegen) and Dr Humphries (Dublin). I have also successfully co-ordinated a co-operative group grant (COGG) from the Medical Research Council of UK. These include 9 Principal Investigators from our institute for investigating inherited retinal dystrophies: from functional genomics to gene therapy (Grant ref: G9900417).