Dimitrios Christaras

Dimitrios Christaras
  • Name and Nationality
    Dimitrios Christaras (Greece)
  • Early Stage Researcher at University of Murcia, Spain (Partner 02)
  • Start date:
  • Principal Investigator:
    Pablo Artal

Project Details

Project title:

Impact of eye's aberrations on visual performance at low luminance

Project Description:

Our laboratory is one of the world pioneers developing and using adaptive optics technology to evaluate and to study vision. The ability to perform visual tasks while the eye's aberrations are manipulated opened new possibilities for experiments to better understand how the ocular optics limits spatial vision. It was demonstrated (Artal et al., J Vision, 2006) that there is a neural adaptation to the eye's optics among other interesting new results.

However, until today, most attention is directed to spatial vision in photopic or mesopic conditions, and not to the situation of vision under low light levels (scotopic). An adaptive optics visual simulator using a Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor, a corrector device (deformable mirror) will be used in these experiments. Eye's aberrations will be continuously measured with invisible infrared illumination (1050 nm) while subjects perform different visual tasks at different luminance levels. The objectives of the work will be to understand how the optical properties of the eye may limit vision at very dim illumination levels.


University of Murcia

Laboratorio de Óptica
Campus de Universitario
30100 Espinardo (Murcia)

Phone: +34 86888 1703

Email: dimitrios.christaras(at)itn-opal.eu



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