Ebrahim Kamrani

Ebrahim Kamrani
  • Name and Nationality
    Ebrahim Kamrani (Iran)
  • Early Stage Researcher at University of Crete (Partner 05)
  • Start date:
  • Principal Investigator:
    Harilaos Ginis

Project Details

Project title:

'Using artificial neural networks to model long-term adaptation to changes in wavefront aberrations'

Project Description:

The project aims to build upon existing experience in the team in developing customized models of visual acuity and it dependence on retinal image quality using artificial neural networks. Each artificial neural network is trained based on a set of single valued metrics of retinal image quality and the corresponding responses of an individual to a visual acuity task. In this manner the network is trained to respond to blur as the individual examined during training. Such artificial neural networks model the particular individual’s immediate response to blur. A number of networks will be trained for subjects undergoing an acute change in their optical system (e.g. LASIK patients). The subject’s response post-operatively (for example 1 year after the procedure) will be compared to the same subjects’ response as modeled by their neural network “record” created based on their responses in the past.


Institute of Vision & Optics (IVO)

University of Crete,
71003 Heraklion, Crete

Email: ebrahim.kamrani(at)itn-opal.eu



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