Alexandros Pennos

  • Name and Nationality
    Alexandros Pennos (Greece)
  • Early Stage Researcher at University of Murcia, Spain (Partner 02)
  • Start date:
  • Principal Investigator:
    Pablo Artal

Project Details

Project title:

Intraocular scattering: new measuring techniques, sources and impact in vision

Project Description:

Beyond optical aberrations, intraocular scatter limits the quality of vision. While in the last decades accurate methods to measure aberrations have been developed, scatter remains as an elusive factor to be characterized. In addition, we recently reported that scatter and aberrations may interact (Perez et al., J Vision, 2009). In this project, new approaches to measure scatter and to separate the contribution relative from different ocular structures will be attempted. Objective methods based in the double-pass technique will be used. Images of particular objects projected either in the retina or the crystalline lens will be recorded. By measuring the relative intensity in the images, the amount of scatter would be determined. The combination of polarization properties and different wavelengths may also help with the sensitivity of the technique. Visual experiments using an adaptive optics simulator will be performed to better understand tolerances to scatter in combination of aberrations. The objective of this project is to better determine the amount, location and visual impact of intraocular scatter in normal healthy eyes.


University of Murcia

Laboratorio de Óptica
Campus de Universitario
30100 Espinardo (Murcia)

Email: alexandros.pennos(at)



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