Onurcan Şahin

Onurcan Şahin
  • Name and Nationality
    Onurcan Şahin (Turkey)
  • Early Stage Researcher at University of Crete (Partner 05)
  • Start date:
  • Principal Investigator:
    Harilaos Ginis

Project Details

Project title:

'Light scatter in eye and its impact on vision'

Project Description:

Our aim is to develop an optical system which is able to measure light scattering in the eye. Our primary objective is deciding the proper system elements and components of the system. This system will include electronic, optical and computational methods to measure light scattering of the eye. When the proper components for the system are decided, the system should be simulated, built and tested. After obtaining satisfactory results of the simulations and the tests, we will proceed with other important aspect of the project, which is identifying and defining the meaning of light scattering for vision. With analyzing various experiment results, we hope that we would be able to understand the impact of the light scattering on the eye on vision.


Institute of Vision & Optics (IVO)

University of Crete,
71003 Heraklion, Crete

Phone: +30 698 4232 266
Email: onurcansahin(at)itn-opal.eu



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