Yohann Benard

  • Name and Nationality
    Yohann Benard (France) - Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
  • Experienced Researcher at Rodenstock GmbH, Munich, Germany (Partner 06)
  • Start date:
  • Principal Investigator:
    Anne Seidemann / Gregor Esser

Project Details

Project title:

Diurnal variations of visual performance and algorithms of visual processing to adapt to optical aberrations

Project Description:

This project can be clustered in two parts. The aim of the first part, which will be completed in collaboration with the other ER, is to evaluate the diurnal variations of refraction and visual performances. Indeed, it was recently demonstrated that several characteristics of the eye (e.g. intraocular pressure, axial length, …) fluctuate depending on the moment of the day it was measured. To assess diurnal variations of refraction, we will measure the subjective and objective (i.e. Hartmann-Shack based method) refractions with different methods, corresponding visual performances, and axial length of the eye, at several moments of the day. Eye length will be measured in collaboration with OpAL partner 01. Goal of the study is a better understanding of circumstances that influence the refraction and about the best refraction for optical corrections over the whole day – with regard of possible adaptational processes.

The other point of interest of this project is to find algorithms of visual processing to adapt to optical aberrations – in particular the adaptation capacities of the visual system in the case of imposed astigmatism. The objective of this cluster is to investigate adaptation to astigmatic lenses that impose arbitrary amounts of image degradation in different local parts of the visual field. We will thus design and provide lenses to the other OpAL partners with similar astigmatism over the whole lens or with different defined astigmatism values in various part of the lens (e.g. periphery of the lens) to study adaptational effects of the visual system to this kind of monochromatic aberration.

These two parts of the project are in close relationship since adaptation to optical properties could compensate for any small diurnal variation of refraction.


Rodenstock GmbH

Elsenheimerstr. 33
80687 München

Email: yohann.benard(at)itn-opal.eu



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