The MY EUROPIA Research Training Network is governed by a General Assembly (GA) comprising all members, i.e. all research team leaders, all recruited young researchers, the research co-ordinator and the managing co-ordinator. The GA is the supreme institution within the MY EUROPIA project. The Project Steering Committee (PSC) will be formed at the beginning of the project in order to deal with strategic (high-level) decisions: (1) research direction, (2) technological aspects, (3) exploitation, (4) quality assurance, (5) budget, (6) planning, (7) control and (8) troubleshooting. It will include the research co-ordinator (RCO / Prof. Schaeffel) and the managing co-ordinator (MCO / Dr. Wheeler-Schilling). In addition, the GA will vote two team leaders and two representatives of the young researchers by majority in the PSC. The MY EUROPIA management board (MB = RCO + MCO), will be responsible for the day-to-day management. In addition, it will be the interface between the project partners and the European Commission. Every year, a progress report along with a consolidated overview of the incurred costs and budget situation on the basis of the cost statements will be supplied by the MY EUROPIA teams.

Management Structure

The structure has been designed out of previous experience with successfully managed national and international projects. The structure of the management units, the hierarchical reporting structure and the information flow follow the work breakdown rather than existing inter-partner and intra-partner relationships. They are thus optimally suited for an efficient management of the proposed work. The proposing participants have already been in contact for several years. The research methods proposed have been successfully proven as evidenced by the relevant publications. There will be a free and unhampered flow of information as well as research material necessary for the completion of the project. The MB will call meetings of the PSC every six months to review the progress of the project. The GA will meet at least once per year under the chairmanship of the MB.

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