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  • The MyEuropia Annual Meeting 2010 will be in Murcia, Spain on January 20, 2010 - for further details plaes download the agenda of the meeting [pdf, 742 kByte]
  • You will find some impressions of the Mid Term Review Meeting in Venice in our Mid Term Review gallery
  • The Mid Term Review Meeting will be in Venice, Italy from 27th to 28th January 2009. For further details please download the agenda of the meeting [pdf, 635 kByte]
  • Again a nice picture of the 2nd Annual meeting and Training (22 - 26 September, 2008, Monastery Maurach, Germany).
    Image MyEuropia-Group
    More information about the meeting in the internal area
  • EUROMYOPIA 2008 - European Myopia Conferencea
    The European conference exclusively dedicated to Myopia which will take place in Toulouse at the Centre de Congrès Pierre BAUDIS on Friday 28th November 2008 and is organised in collaboration with the Research Training Network MyEuropia. [more information] [registration form] []
  • Boost your Research Career!
    The European Marie Curie Conference 2008, lasting a day and a half prior to the main ESOF2008 conference will offer fellows special opportunities to broaden their career perspectives and further exploit their potential as Marie Curie Fellows.
    Barcelona 17th - 18th July 2008 [>>]
  • During the 1st Annual meeting part of the Project Steering Committee (PSC) was elected. The PSC is now composed by the following persons:
      - Frank Schaeffel
      - Thomas Wheeler-Schilling
      - Jez Guggenheim
      - Marita Feldkaemper
      - Daniel Vazquez (ER Rodenstock)
      - Jackie Butterworth (ESR Calvas/Malecaze)
    For further details about the management structure and function of the Project Steering Committee, please visit the following link [>>]
  • Talk of the 1st Annual Meeting "Report of the management" by Sigrid Diether, available in the internal area of this home page [>>]
  • A nice picture of the 1st Annual meeting (16-17 October, 2007, London, UK)
    First Annual Meeting in London, group picture
  • Poster presentation possibility at the European Vision Summit 2007. The Summit will take place in Interlaken (Switzerland) on December 3rd - 5th, 2007. For further details about this event, please, visit the following site [>>]
  • The European Vision Institute invites nomination for the European Vision Award 2007. Deadline for submission of contributions is April 30th, 2007. Please, for further details visit the following link [>>].

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