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Molecular Genetics Laboratory
University Eye Hospital
Dept. Pathophysiology of Vision and Neuro-Ophthalmology
Tuebingen, Germany

"Identification of susceptibility factors in Glaucoma"
funded by the sixth framework programme of the EU Host Fellowships for Early Stage Research Training (EST)

About the Project:
Glaucoma is a complex disease with a clear genetic component probably involving multiple genes (susceptibility genes) that contribute to an individuals risk to develop glaucoma. The impact of the so far identified disease-causing genes in monogenic forms of glaucoma is low on glaucoma as a whole. Therefore a case-control study on normal tension glaucoma will be performed that focuses on the analysis of genes encoding proteins involved in energy metabolism, mitochondrial function and biogenesis and detoxification pathways. A tagSNP based approach will be applied to assess and define the impact of common gene variants at the level of single genes and multiple gene combinations on the risk to develop glaucoma.

Research Methods:
Standard molecular genetic techniques, TaqMan assays, genotyping and haplotyping techniques, methods of association genetics and statistical analysis

The focus of this EST ("Neurotrain") lies on promoting and improving the knowledge of neurodegeneration that will eventually lead to prevention and therapy using a multidisciplinary/intersectual approach (network of 10 outstanding international research teams working on various neurodegenerative disorders). There will be extensive training in both research and transferable skills in preparation for the broader requirements of a scientific career in academia, industry or alternative career paths. A personal development plan, lab rotations, complementary training and yearly 2-week summer-schools (in London, Lund, or Tuebingen/Munich) will be part of the training. The Molecular Genetics Laboratory of the University Eye Hospital Tübingen is one of the leading centres for molecular genetic and functional studies on hereditary disorders of the retina and the optic nerve in Europe. It offers excellent training opportunities in diverse aspects of genetics and molecular biology applying state-of-the-art technologies in a stimulating research atmosphere.

Candidate profiles:
EU citizen. M.Sc. (or equivalent, e.g. M.D.) in Biology, Molecular Genetics, Human Genetics, or Biochemistry. We expect a candidate with enthusiasm and motivation in academic research. Practical knowledge in molecular biology, molecular genetics, and biostatistics is advantageous.

Please send a letter of application outlining research interests and experience, curriculum vitae, personal data, learned techniques, university certificates (diploma, master etc.) and a reference to:

Christiane Wolf
Molecular Genetics Laboratory
University Eye Hospital
Roentgenweg 11
D-72076 Tuebingen