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Project 1: Generation of dopaminergic neural precursor cells for Parkinsonís disease
Responsible Supervisor: PD Dr. MINGER, London, UK
Project 2: PINK 1 and molecular basis of cell degeneration in Parkinson's disease
Responsible Supervisor: Prof. WOOD, London, UK
Project 3: Genetics and functional genomics of retinal degenerations
Responsible Supervisor: Prof. BHATTACHARYA, London, UK
Project 4: Investigation of disease mechanisms in Huntingtonís disease.
Responsible Supervisor: Prof. RIESS, Tuebingen, Germany
Project 5: Genetic and molecular basis of Parkinsonís disease caused by LRRK2- mutations
Responsible Supervisor: Prof. GASSER, Tuebingen, Germany
Project 6: Genetic susceptibility factors in glaucoma
Responsible Supervisor: Dr. WISSINGER, Tuebingen, Germany
Project 7: Understanding the molecular basis of neuroprotection
Responsible Supervisor: Prof. VAN VEEN, Lund, Sweden
Project 8: Molecular basis of epilepsy and development of gene/cell based therapies
Responsible Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. KOKAIA, Lund, Sweden
Project 9: Role of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and unfolded protein response (EPR) in in vivo and in vitro models of neurodegeneration
Responsible Supervisor: Prof. WIELOCH, Lund, Sweden
Project 10: Molecular studies in protein folding and pathological mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction
Responsible Supervisor: Dr. UEFFING, Munich, Germany