Members of the Ocular Genetics Unit at Trinity College Dublin (Dr. Peter Humphries, Professor of Medical Molecular Genetics) have specialised in research into the genetics of degenerative retinal diseases for many years. The group implicated the rhodopsin gene in adRP in 1989 and reported the first mutation within the RDS-peripherin gene in a human retinopathy in 1991. The Unit has recently expanded its capacity by constructing a new 6000 mouse SPF (specific pathogen-free) barrier facility that will be used for the purposes of the proposed research.

The personnel involved in the EU programme will be:
    1. Dr. G. Jane Farrar (Wellcome Trust University Award Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Genetics),
    2. Dr. Paul Kenna (Wellcome Trust-sponsored Senior Research Fellow),
    3. Marian Humphries (Research Fellow),
    4. Ms. Caroline Woods (senior technician).
Two most significant recent publications:

1. Humphries, M. M., Rancourt, D., Farrar, G. J., Kenna, P., Hazel M., Bush, R. Sieving P., Sheils, D., McNally, N., Creighton, P., Erven, A., Boros, A., Gulya, K., Capecchi, M. and Humphries, P. Retinopathy induced in Mice by Targeted Disruption of the Rhodopsin Gene. Nature Genetics 15: 216-219, 1997.

2. Toda, K, Bush, R., Humphries, P. and Sieving, P. The electroretinogram of the rhodopsin knockout mouse. Visual Neuroscience 16: 1-8, 1999.