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Frank Schaeffel

First nameFrank
Present position and titleProfessor Dr. rer. nat.
Head of the Section of Neurobiology of the Eye

Business address

Section of Neurobiology of the Eye
Institute for Ophthalmic Research
Centre for Ophthalmology,
University of Tübingen
Elfriede-Aulhorn-Strasse 7
D-72076 Tübingen,

Phone: +49 (0)7071 29-80739
Fax: +49 (0)7071 29-5196
E-mail: frank.schaeffel[at]

Academic Education

Year Degree University Field of study
1985 Ph.D.(Dr. rer. nat.) University of Freiburg Biophysics
1980 Staatsexamen University of Freiburg Biology and Physics
1974-1980 Studies biology and physics University of Freiburg Biology

Professional Experience

Period Institution Position Discipline
2000- University of Tübingen C3 Professor Neurobiology of the Eye
1994-1999 University of Tübingen Professorship of Schilling Foundation
1991-1994 University of Tübingen Head of Lab
1989-1990 University of Tübingen Research Associate Ophthalmic Research
1988-1989 Max-Planck-Laboratory
Eye Hospital Munich, Germany
Postdoc Ophthalmic Research
1985-1988 Cornell University, USA DFG funded young researcher Neurobiology

Awards, Honors & Functions:

2012European Vision Award 2012
2010Chair of the 13th International Myopia Conference in Tübingen 2010
(together with Marita Feldkaemper)
2009ARVO Silver Fellow
2001Offer of a Professorship at the University Eye Clinic of Würzburg, Germany (C3)
1999Offer of a Professorship at the FH Aalen, Germany
1995Offer of a Professorship at the New England College of Optometry Boston, USA
1994-1999Professorship of the Schilling-Foundation (C3)
1996Max-Planck Award for international collaboration (250.000 DM)
1992German optical society travel grant (10.000,- DM)
1991“Attempto Preis”, Tübingen (5.000,- DM)

Editorship for Scientific Journals & Reviewer Activities

Since 1988 Reviewer for scientific journals: Nature Medicine, Science, Journal of Physiology, Vision Research, European Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of the Optical Society of America, Visual Neuroscience, Experimental Eye Research, Ophthalmological and Physiological Optics, Graefe´s Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, Clinical Vision Science, Canadian Journal of Zoology, Investigative Opthalmology and Visual Science, Journal of Comparative Physiology, Ophthalmic Research, Optometry and Visual Science, Neurochemistry International, Strabismus, Journal of cataract and refractive surgery and others

2014-2018Senior Editor at Vision Research
1998-2010Editorial Board of Vision Research, since 2006 also Editor at Ophthalmic & Visual Optics

Supervision of PhD and MD Students

From 1994 until now, 20 PhD students (Marieluise Bartmann, Hartmut Schwahn, Sigrid Diether, Sibylle Ohngemach, Matthias Ott, Anne Seidemann, Michaela Bitzer, Daniel Hartmann, Perikles Simon, Christine Brand, Beatrix Kovacs, Christine Schmucker, Ruth Schippert, Arne Ohlendorf, Alexandra Penha, Tudor Tepelus, Weizhong Lan, Yun Chen, Klaus Graef, Felix Maier) have completed under my supervision and 4 are currently supervised (Barbara Świątczak, Andrea Carillo Alleman, Sandra Gisbert, Daria Ivanchenko).

In addition, 3 MD student have finished (Florian Gekeler, Hakan Kaymak, Silke Thomas). About 15 students have completed their Diploma thesis in Biology.

Publications, patents and grants

More than 150 original research articles were published from 1985 until now (mostly on myopia), four patents, and more 5 Million Euros of extramural grants were attracted (German Research Council and German Ministery of Science and Technology (BMBF)).

In addition, three multicenter grants from the European Community, a Madam Curie Research Training Network (RTN) on Myopia (see archived website with a volume of 3.2 Million Euros, an Initial Training Network (ITN) on optical and adaptational limits of vision (see archived website with a volume of 2.8 Million Euros and a European Training Network (ETN) on the fundamental understanding of Myopia with a volume of 3.5 Million Euro were attracted.

Invited presentations

Over 200 invited national and international presentations outside Tübingen from 1990-2016

Citations and h-index

Citations and h-index of Frank Schaeffel on Google Scholars

Recent Publications (2007-2012)

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