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Progress in Ophthalmic Research

The seminar “Progress in Ophthalmic Genetics and Pathophysiology of the Retina” will be replaced by a general “Progress in Ophthalmic Research” seminar (S08SOPH06), starting this winter term.

Since more groups will be involved, some changes are required, as summarized in the following:

  • The seminar will take place every Wednesday from 9:00 – 10:00 in the big lecture hall of HNO, Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str. 5. Please find a preliminary schedule for the winter semester 2016/17 in the table below.
  • The seminar primarily targets advanced MSc (only for their final report) and PhD students as well as postdocs. Of course, group leaders and advanced researchers are not strictly excluded, but this seminar is rather meant as an opportunity for early-stage researchers to report, practice talks and get feedback from a broad, friendly crowd.
  • Preferred presentation forms are:
    • final report of a MSc or PhD thesis
      (30 minutes; with the second slot preferentially left open for discussions, feedback etc.)
    • progress report
      (25 minutes; postdocs and advanced PhD students)
    • project presentation
      (25 minutes; preferentially postdocs, advanced researchers and PIs)

Winter Term 2017/2018

Wednesday 09.00 – 10.00/10.30, Lecture Room ENT-Hospital, Universitätsklinikum Tübingen - last update: 2017-09-15

Date Venue Slot 1 Slot 2
September 2017
27.09.2017 Hörsaal Kinderklinik Nikolaos Maragkos, AG Paquet-Durand, Final Report General discussion (aims of this seminar)
October 2017
04.10.2017 Hörsaal HNO to be omitted because of the ERM in Paris 
11.10.2017 Hörsaal Kinderklinik Dario Protti, University of Sydney, "Modulation of retinal signalling by cannabinoids"
18.10.2017 Hörsaal HNO Torsten Straßer, AG Zrenner  
25.10.2017 Hörsaal HNO Cornelius Schröder, AG Berens, Progress Report Yearly Safety Instruction for Gene Technology (English)
for FIA lab members - Karsten Boldt
November 2017
08.11.2017 Hörsaal HNO Milad Mahdi Sadeghi, AG Rathbun, Final Report
"A MEA-based RGC Classification Toolbox"
Discussion of report
15.11.2017 Hörsaal HNO Miroslav Román Rosón, AG Euler, Final Report  Discussion of report
22.11.2017 Hörsaal HNO Caroline Erlenwein, Zeiss Vision Science FR Discussion of report
29.11.2017 Hörsaal HNO Elena Buena Atienza, AG Wissinger, Final Report Discussion of report
December 2017
06.12.2017 Hörsaal HNO Anja Mayer, AG Wissinger, Final Report Discussion of report
13.12.2017 Hörsaal HNO André Maia Chagas, AG Euler, Progress Report Jährliche Unterweisung nach GenTSV (German)
für MitarbeiterInnen in den FIA-Laboren - Regine Mühlfriedel
20.12.2017 Hörsaal HNO Philipp Berens, Preprint and Data Sharing open discussion
January 2018
10.01.2018 Hörsaal HNO Melanie Kempf, AG Stingl, tba  Katrin Franke, AG Franke, Progress Report
17.01.2018 Hörsaal HNO Bernd Wissinger (methods seminar), "Gene Therapy for Inherited Retinal Disorders"
24.01.2018 Hörsaal Kinderklinik Miguel Garcia, AG Wahl, Progress Report vacant
31.01.2018 Hörsaal Kinderklinik Ada Annala (PhD student), AG Ueffing, Progress Report David Klindt, AG Euler, Project Presentation
February 2018
07.02.2018 Hörsaal Kinderklinik Daniel Rathbun, AG Rathbun, "Tickling the Retina:  Spike-Triggered Averaging in Retinal Prosthetics"
14.02.2018 Hörsaal HNO Soumyaparna Das, AG Paquet-Durand, Progress Report vacant
21.02.2018 Hörsaal HNO Julia Stolz, AG Wissinger, Progress Report Vithiyanjali Sothilingam, AG Seeliger, Progress Report
28.02.2018 Hörsaal HNO Michael Power, AG Paquet-Durand, Progress Report Klaudia Szatko, AG Franke,
Inma Soldado Magraner, AG Euler, joint Progress Report
March 2018
07.03.2018 New Horizons 2018 - "New Horizons in Visual and Hearing Research" - more information
14.03.2018 Hörsaal HNO Merve Sen, AG Ueffing, Progress Report Wadood Haq, AG Zrenner, Progress Report
21.03.2018 Hörsaal HNO Thomas Euler (methods seminar), tba
spring break till 11.04.18