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Vision Scientists at Work

The solar eclipse projected at 10:37 CET by scientist of the Institute for Ophthalmic Research in Tuebingen

The Greeks believed that the solar eclipse was a sign that the gods were angry and death and destruction were on their way. In fact, eclipse comes from ekleipsis, an ancient Greek word that means obscured, or abandoned. A fragment of a lost poem by Archilochus (c680–645 BCE) depicted a solar eclipse as such:

“Nothing there is beyond hope,
nothing that can be sworn impossible,
nothing wonderful, since Zeus,
father of the Olympians,
made night from midday,
hiding the light of the shining sun,
and sore fear came upon men.”

However today the scientist of the Institute of Ophthalmic Research and all people were excited by this fantastic spectacle provided by nature.

image solar eclipse