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New Horizons in Vision and Hearing Research

The international symposium “New Horizons in Vision and Hearing Research” is organized by the Centre for Neurosensory Systems at the University Hospital Tübingen and will take place from March 5th to March 7th in Tübingen, Germany

Vision and hearing are the main information channels for perception and recognition of the outer physical world and are indispensable for communication and mobility. Disorders of sensory organs entail a drastic reduction in the quality of life. More than 80 million Europeans are affected by hearing and seeing disorders. This huge prevalence and the many still untreatable conditions demand an international and transdisciplinary cooperation to accelerate progress.

This symposium proposes a lively, interdisciplinary scientific exchange on current developments in neurosensory research in order to facilitate the translation “from bench to bedside” with international top experts at the forefront of research in visual and auditory function and dysfunction. Hearing and vision research have assumed a pioneering role by exploiting new diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities, as seen in gene replacement therapy, neuroprotection, optogenetics, retinal prosthetics and stem cell treatments.

The similarities of many basic cellular and molecular structures and functions in the eye and the ear provide numerous opportunities for understanding more thoroughly disease mechanisms, their prevention and therapy. These will be discussed together with the novel findings of basic research.

We have organized the meeting in such a manner that enough time is reserved after each talk for interdisciplinary discussion and we strongly encourage you and the chairs to trigger such discussions during the meeting. Doctoral students and postdocs from the Centre for Neurosensory Systems and the Graduate School will contribute flashlight presentations and more than 50 posters.

We invite you to join in the Poster-party with wine, finger food and music starting at 8 pm on March 5th, 2018. The exchange with international leaders of the field will be a rare and rewarding experience for our graduates, postdocs and group leaders.