Meetings in times of Corona (or) Live...

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Meetings in times of Corona (or) Live goes on

Innovative forms of scientific interchange according to the new rules of the pandemia

The Institute of Ophthalmic Research is still active by implementing new forms to meet outdoors. Vivid scientific discussions are boosted by conversation circles of its leading scientists (the gentlemen in clockwise order from top: T. Wheeler-Schilling, T. Schubert, F. Paquet-Durand, T. Strasser, N. Rieger and N. Kinkl).

The minimum distance by 2 meters is always kept, but can not hinder the vivid and thrilling exchange as shown on the picture. Courtesy to our colleague F. Schaeffel for the brilliant documentation. There must be much more than a virus to stop our irrepressible will to change the world to be a better place and to decode the visual system in its different facets.