Date: 16.01.2020

Jan 202016Thursday

Ophthalmic Research Symposium - Prof. Chi-ho To

Date / Time
16.01.2020 09:00 10:00
Seminar Room - 2.330 - IOR Tuebingen
Prof. Siegfried Wahl and Prof. Frank Schaeffel – ZEISS Vision Science Lab
Lecturer: Prof. Chi-ho To
Chair Professor of Experimental Optometry, Henry G. Leong Professor in Elderly Vision Health, School of Optometry, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Title: “Myopic defocus for myopia control - from lab to clinic”

“Myopic defocus for myopia control - from lab to clinic”

Summary: Prof. Chi-ho To is a well known researcher in myopia and vision science. Together with his team, he investigates the influence of spatial and temporal variations of defocus on the refractive development of the eye and put the basis for different optical innovations that have been shown to be effective in the reduction of the progression of myopia. During his talk, Prof. To will share some insights on how the team translated the knowledge gained from work with animals into applicable products and how their efficacy was tested.

Professor Chi-ho To graduated in Optometry at the Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1987. He obtained his PhD degree from the University of Wales, College of Optometry in Cardiff, the United Kingdom. In 1993, he returned to the Hong Kong Polytechnic working as a Lecturer. In 2005, Prof. To was promoted to Professor. Professor To has had a long-standing research interest in aqueous humour physiology and glaucoma, myopia basic mechanism and treatment, and retinal degenerations.

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