Research Management

Stabsstelle Wissenschaftsmanagement


Consulting and Applications

As in previous years one of the main tasks of the RMU in 2010/11 was to actively provide support to researchers with national and international funding applications. Together with the group leaders of the Institute for Ophthalmic Research, the RMU developed project ideas and concepts, provided information on suitable calls for proposals and chose appropriate funding agencies and funding instruments for the project ideas.

Promoting Young Researchers

The Young Researcher Vision Camp - The aim of this unusual event was to give young investigators (MD, MSc and PhD students, and early postdocs) the opportunity to present themselves and their work to fellow researchers, and to allow them to build and strengthen personal networks in an international environment.

Promotion of Vision Research and Ophthalmology

A pan-European initiative of the RMU is the decisive implementation of the ‚European Gateway to Vision Research and Ophthalmology’ ( In particular the editorial content and technical conversion is coordinated from Tuebingen. In close matching with the European Vision Institute this project has become within few years one of the most informative and highly visited Internet-based resources of ophthalmology and visual science.

Strategic alliances

The RMU was decisively involved in the initiation and conversion of the Centre for Neurosensory Systems and the Centre for rare eye diseases at the university clinic of Tuebingen. At an European level the activities of the European Vision Institute were sped up with lasting effect.

Administrative tasks

The following administrative tasks were settled in the RMU:

  • Finance management of the European research projects,
  • parts of the organization of international congresses (Tübingen Outer Retina Conference, International Myopia Conference),
  • support in the application of the research institute (§91b)
  • planning of the new building