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Innovative Therapies and Multimodal Diagnostics

To advance the development of new diagnostic approaches in ophthalmology we are establishing a special bioanalytical lab equipped with cutting-edge mass spectrometric instrumentation.

In close collaboration between Sascha Dammeier, Fokke Ziemssen and Martin Spitzer within the Department of Ophthalmology, clinical studies have already been initiated to exploit the potential of the molecular analysis of tear and other eye fluids, which can be taken during normal eye examinations.

One major focus is the analysis of certain metabolites that are able to become markers for the early or differential diagnosis of a range of eye diseases (uveitis, glaucoma, blepharitis, diabetic retinopathy) as well of systemic disorders, e.g. diabetes (Ly et al., Diabetologia 2013).

The final goal is to better serve patient care and to detect disorders at an earlier stage leading to an individualized therapy.

A similar objective will be pursued within the scope of Germany's "Nationale Kohorte" initiative, in which up to 200.000 people will be screened medically in a longitudinal study. Here, the eye examinations are coordinated by Martin Leitritz from the eye clinic in close collaboration with Johannes Dietter, Wadood Haq and Ilja Ivanov developing automated image analysis of fundus images and handling of large data sets.

Moreover, the labs of the Institute for Ophthalmic Research will perform special bioanalytics to validate diagnostic marker candidates for treatment and disease management.