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Molecular Biology of Retinal Degenerations

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Retinal Degeneration

Dying photorectors marked in green. (© Arango-Gonzalez)

Vision is crucial for mastering and enjoying life. Vision depends on retinal function. Several diseases that are either inherited or acquired disrupt normal physiology of retinal cells. If retinal physiology is disrupted for a sustained period of time, retinal cells undergo degeneration. If not stopped, retinal degeneration results in vision impairment and potentially blindness. Impaired vision and blindness deeply affect the quality of life. Currently, there is no lasting cure to block retinal degeneration after its onset. One reason for this lack of cures is the very limited understanding of retinal physiology. We aim to elucidate the mechanisms that maintain retinal function and identify the processes that are affected by disease. In several projects, we also take part in joint efforts to develop new therapies.

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