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  • Progress in ophthalmic genetics and pathophysiology of the retina
    (Lecturers of the MGL: Wissinger, Kohl, Weisschuh, Schimpf-Linzenbold, and others)
    Wednesday 9-10am
  • Current Development of ocular genetics and molecular biology of the eye (Lecturers: Wissinger, Kohl, Weisschuh, Schimpf-Linzenbold and members of the MGL-lab)
    Monday 10-11am


  • Sensory Systems – Basics and Principles (Lecturers of the MGL: Wissinger, Weisschuh, Reuter…)
    Monday 16-18pm
  • Graduate School: Human Neurogenetics (MGL: Wissinger, Weisschuh, Kohl)
    WS: Wednesday 14-16pm