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  1. Barraza-Bernal Maria Jose, Ivanov Iliya V., Nill Svenja, Rifai Katharina, Trauzettel-Klosinski Susanne & Wahl Siegfried (2017). Can positions in the visual field with high attentional capabilities be good candidates for a new preferred retinal locus? Vision Research, 140: 1-12. Link
  2. Friederichs Edgar & Wahl Siegfried (2017). (Re)-wiring a brain with light: Clinical and visual processing findings after application of specific coloured glasses in patients with symptoms of a visual processing disorder (CVPD): Challenge of a possible new perspective? Medical Hypotheses, 105: 49-62. Link
  3. Leube Alexander, Rifai Katharina & Wahl Siegfried (2017). Sampling rate influences saccade detection in mobile eye tracking of a reading task. Journal of Eye Movement Research, 10(3): 1-11 Link
  4. Habtegiorgis Selam W., Rifai Katharina, Lappe Markus & Wahl Siegfried (2017). Adaptation to skew distortions of natural scenes and retinal specificity of its aftereffects. Frontiers in Psychology, 8(1158): 1-10. Link
  5. Schilling Tim, Ohlendorf Arne, Varnas Saulius R. & Wahl Siegfried (2017). Peripheral design of progressive addition lenses and the lag of accommodation in myopes. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 58(9): 3319–3324. Link
  6. Barraza-Bernal Maria Jose, Rifai Katharina & Wahl Siegfried (2017). A preferred retinal location of fixation can be induced when systematic stimulus relocations are applied. Journal of Vision, 17(2): 1-13. Link
  7. Schilling Tim, Ohlendorf Arne, Leube Alexander & Wahl Siegfried (2017). TuebingenCSTest – A useful method to assess the contrast sensitivity function. Biomedical Optics Express, 8(3): 1477-1487. Link

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  1. Bahmani Hamed & Wahl Siegfried (2016). Distorted low-level visual features affect saliency-based visual attention. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 10: 1-4. Link
  2. Leibig Christian, Allken Vaneeda, Berens Philipp & Wahl Siegfried (2016). Leveraging uncertainty information from deep neural networks for disease detection. bioRxiv, 084210: 1-15. Link
  3. Maier Felix, Wahl Siegfried & Schaeffel Frank (2016). Off-axis astigmatism in the isolated chicken crystalline lens. Vision Research, 129: 61-68. Link
  4. Wagner Sandra, Ohlendorf Arne, Schaeffel Frank & Wahl Siegfried (2016). Reducing the lag of accommodation by auditory biofeedback: A pilot study. Vision Research, 129: 50-60. Link
  5. Fuhl Wolfgang, Santini Thiago, Reichert Carsten, Claus Daniel, Herkommer Alois, Bahmani Hamed, Rifai Katharina, Wahl Siegfried & Kasneci Enkelejda (2016). Non-intrusive practitioner pupil detection for unmodified microscope oculars. Computers in Biology and Medicine, 79: 36-44. Link
  6. Leube Alexander, Ohlendorf Arne & Wahl Siegfried (2016). The influence of induced astigmatism on the depth of focus. Optometry & Vision Science, 93(10): 1228-1234. Link
  7. Rifai Katharina & Wahl Siegfried (2016). Specific eye–head coordination enhances vision in progressive lens wearers. Journal of Vision, 16(11):5, 1–11. Link
  8. Ohlendorf Arne, Leube Alexander & Wahl Siegfried (2016). Steps towards smarter solutions in optometry and ophthalmology—inter-device agreement of subjective methods to assess the refractive errors of the eye. Healthcare 4(41): 1-11. Link
  9. Petschulat Joerg, Rifai Katharina, Wahl Siegfried, Wolleschensky Ralf, Kempe Michael (2016). New ‘directions’ for imaging @ ZEISS. Proceedings Laser Display and Lighting 2016: 1-2.
  10. Leibig Christian, Wachtler Thomas & Zeck Günther (2016). Unsupervised neural spike sorting for high-density microelectrode arrays with convolutive independent component analysis. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 271: 1-13. Link
  11. Dias Catarina L., Wick Michael, Rifai Katharina & Wahl Siegfried (2016). Peripheral retinal image simulation based on retina shapes. Eurographics Proceedings 2016: 1-4. Link
  12. Ivanov Iliya V., Mackeben Manfred, Vollmer Annika, Martus Peter, Nguyen Nhung X. & Trauzettel-Klosinski, Susanne (2016). Eye movement training and suggested gaze strategies in tunnel vision-a randomized and controlled pilot study. PloS One, 11(6): 1-18. Link
  13. Ivanov Iliya V., Leitritz Martin A., Norrenberg Lars A., Völker Michael, Dynowski Marek, Ueffing Marius & Dietter Johannes (2016). Human vision–motivated algorithm allows consistent retinal vessel classification based on local color contrast for advancing general diagnostic exams. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 57(2): 731-738. Link
  14. Gutierrez Mlot Esteban, Bahmani Hamed, Wahl Siegfried & Kasneci Enkelejda (2016). 3D Gaze estimation using eye vergence. Proceedings of Healthinformatics 2016: 125-131. Link ( Link

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  1. Maier Felix, Howland Howard C., Ohlendorf Arne, Wahl Siegfried & Schaeffel Frank (2015). Lack of oblique astigmatism in the chicken eye. Vision Research, 109: 68–76. Link
  2. Jaschinski Wolfgang, König Mirjam, Mekontso Tiofil M., Ohlendorf Arne & Welscher Monique (2015). Comparison of progressive addition lenses for general purpose and for computer vision: an office field study. Clinical Experimental Optometry, 98: 234–243. Link
  3. Jaschinski Wolfgang, König Mirjam, Mekontso Tiofil M., Ohlendorf Arne & Welscher Monique (2015). Computer vision syndrome in presbyopia and beginning presbyopia: Effects of spectacle lens type. Clinical Experimental Optometry, 98: 228–233. Link

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  2. Leube Alexander (2014). Optische Computersimulation der Korrektion von Fehlsichtigkeiten. Deutsche Optikerzeitung, 06: 12.

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  1. Dick, M., Wahl Siegfried (2013). Modern Optics in Ophthalmology. Optische Technologien in Deutschland, 2013: 30-31.

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