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Research Subjects

Retinal prosthetics

As human life expectancy increases, blindness and visual impairment due to degeneration of the light responsive cells of the eye – photoreceptors – becomes ever more significant. Thousands of laboratories are pursuing solutions to this problem. To date, one of the most successful approach has been the implantation of devices – like Tuebingen’s Alpha-AMS implant – to electrically stimulate the remaining neuronal cells of the eye. Responding to input from an electronic camera these neurons then communicate visual information to the brain. Thus the natural vision that has been lost to blind patients is replaced with bionic vision.

In the Experimental Retinal Prosthetics Group, we conduct basic research (Grundlagenforschung) on electrical stimulation of the retina toward the goal of improving current retinal implants and guiding the design of future devices.



  • SysRetPro:  SYStems neuroscience in service of the next-generation RETinal PROsthesis.
  • Optimization of electrical stimulation parameters for the retina.
  • Refining the Retinal Implant:  Spatiotemporal interactions of electrical desensitization in multiple mouse retinal ganglion cell types.
  • In vitro chip setup.
  • Selective ON/OFF stimulation of the retina in visual prostheses.
  • Visual Prostheses Database.

Neural coding in the mammalian retina

The study of neural coding for visual and electrical stimulation in the retina encompasses a wide range of topics including the following.

  • Identification and parameterization of the stimulus domain (in space, time, spectral frequency, etc.) to which a neuron responds.
  • The pattern of spiking or depolarization elicited in a neuron by selected stimuli (rate and temporal coding).
  • Statistical descriptions of how stimulus and response patterns correlate (encoding).
  • Context-dependencies of neuronal responses such as luminance adaptation, contrast gain control, behavioral state-dependencies, electrical desensitization, perceptual fading, etc.
  • Pattern of responses across a neuronal population (population coding).
  • How responses of single neurons and neuronal populations can be decoded to reveal the stimulus that elicited them (decoding).


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