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Jonathan Oesterle

Surname Oesterle
First name Jonathan
Present position and title PhD Student

Business address

Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN)
Institute for Ophthalmic Research
University of Tübingen
Otfried-Müller-Str. 25
D-72076 Tübingen,

Phone: 07071 29-88906
E-mail: jonathan.oesterle[at]

Academic Education

Year Degree University Field of study
2016 - 2018 M.Sc. University of Tübingen Neural Information Processing
2012 - 2015 B.Sc. University of Freiburg Embedded Systems Engineering

Professional Experience

Period Institution Position Discipline
2017 - 2018 CIN Tübingen Research Assistant Data Analysis of eye saccades in primates
2015 - 2016 University Freiburg Research Assistant Physical Unclonable Functions on FPGAs
2014 - 2016 University Freiburg Tutor Computer Engineering
2015 University Freiburg Tutor Electronics

Research Interests

In my PhD project I am using mechanistic, biophysical models to study neurons and small neural networks of the retina. I am investigating how recent methods of Bayesian likelihood-free parameter inference can be used to estimate parameters of such models based on two-photon imaging recordings of neurons’ responses to light stimuli.

Using these biophysical models, I am simulating the electrical stimulation of retinal neurons with neuroprosthetic devices to find new strategies for selectively targeting cell types.
I am also studying the influence of numerical errors of ODE solvers on simulations of mechanistic neuron models.