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Neural circuits of vision

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Research Projects

Chromatic processing across the early visual system of mice

Color is an important aspect of the visual world. Using the mouse as a model system, we study i) how chromatic information is processed by retinal circuits, ii) how chromatic channels are represented by neurons in primary visual cortex and iii) how this neural processing relates to the statistics of the visual input and to behavioral output.

Retinal correlates of robust vision during eye movements

Within the framework of the CRC Robust Vision, we study how visual circuits contribute to image stabilization during eye movements. This project is performed in collaboration with Prof. Ziad Hafed.

Visual processing in the context of behavior

In collaboration with the labs of Andreas Tolias (Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, US) and Fabian Sinz (Göttingen University, Germany) we study how visual information processing changes across distinct behavioral states using large-scale population imaging and modeling.