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Cell Death Mechanisms

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Current Research Projects

For our studies, we use different animal models for RD such as the rd1 mouse as well as organotypic retinal explant cultures and cell cultures to study signaling pathways that are involved in photoreceptor cell death or survival. Different neuroprotective strategies are evaluated for their capacity to prevent or delay photoreceptor cell death. The following topics are currently under investigation:

  1. cGMP metabolism and the use of cGMP analogues to prevent RD.
  2. Development and testing of liposomal formulations for targeted retinal drug delivery.
  3. Enzymatic activities of calpains, poly-ADP-ribose polymerase (PARP) and Histone DeACetylases (HDAC) in retinal function and disease.
  4. The relations between rod and cone photoreceptor cell death mechanisms.
  5. Energy metabolism in the outer retina.

Use of organotypic retinal explant cultures as a model for metabolic diseases of the retina.