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Application of the Lenstar (Haag-Streit, Switzerland) for measurements of ocular dimensions in small mammals

Neville McBrien

The Lenstar is a high precision and very versatile commercial ocular biometer that measures ocular dimensions not only human eyes but also chicken, rat, mouse, gerbil and snake eyes. Frozen sections of the eyes were prepared and the ocular dimensions correlated with the measurements by the Lenstar.


It was found that the original software of the Lenstar works well in human eyes but provides confusing results in small eyes. However, direct measurements of the ocular dimensions in a screen dump (example of a measurement of the eye of a grass snake snake2) provides highly correlated data with the frozen sections. This makes the instrument very useful for future studies in small eyes, i.e. mice

Involved partner

Frank Schaeffel

Funding Agency

The Lenstar was funded by the FAMT programm of the Medical faculty, University of Tübingen.