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Teaching Activities

  1. Lecture series "Visual System" at the Graduate School for Neuroscience and Behavior
    (Prof. Frank Schaeffel), WS
  2. Practical Laboratory Courses in the frame of Animal Physiology study program of the faculty of Mathematics and Nature Sciences, organized by Prof. Joachim Ostwald
    (once or twice a year, three weeks, full time).
    Either "Optics of the Eye" (Frank Schaeffel) or "Biochemical and molecular studies on the signalling pathways in myopia" (Marita Feldkaemper), currently only SS
  3. Participation in the lecture series "Sensory Systems - Basics and Principles"
    (Frank Schaeffel, Marita Feldkaemper), both WS and SS (organized by Prof. Marlies Knipper et al)
  4. Lecture and practical course in the new study program "Medical technology", starting WS 2013
  5. Participation in the seminar "Progress in Neuroscience Research of the Retina and the inner Ear", both in WS and SS
  6. Participation in the lecture series "Medical Physics" in the studies for a "Molecular Medicine"
    (Frank Schaeffel; organized by Prof.  Fritz Schick)