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Head of the Lab

  • Dr. sc. hum.
  • M. Sc. Computer Science
  • Junior research group leader
  • Principal investigator “Maintaining sharp vision even in old age”
  • Principal investigator “VA-CAL IIS”
  • Dr. rer. nat., FAAO
  • M. Sc. Optometry and Psychophysics
  • Postdoctoral researcher, Deputy research group leader
  • Myopia research
  • Myopia control study in cooperation with State University of New York, College of Optometry, New York City, USA

Members of the Lab

  • Ph. D. Student
  • M. Sc. Micromedical technology
  • Development of novel contact lens electrodes within the Zeiss project
  • Cooperation with the Institute for Microsystems Technology (iMST), University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen
  • PhD
  • Visiting Scientist
  • VA-CCAL - Visual Acuity under Different Levels of Color Contrast and Ambient Luminance
  • In cooperation with the Zrenner Lab
  • B. Sc. student (Optometry)
  • Relationship between nearwork and myopia within the Meta/AAOF project

Advisory Board


Maximilian Koschka

  • Medical student
  • Tü-REX-Project: Comparison of glare from point light sources and ambient luminance

Denise Tara Leinberger

Michael Göbel

Esra Süer

Tim Wichmann

  • M. Sc. Student
  • Lab-Rotation (2022/23)
  • Effects of contrast on accommodation
  • Support for the Zeiss Project