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DOG Retina Award granted to Dr. Merve Sen

We congratulate Dr. Merve Sen for receiving this year's DOG Retina Award at DOG 2022 in Berlin for her research on retinal neuroprotection by inhibition of Valosin Containing Protein (VCP).

The jury of the German Society of Ophthalmology (DOG) awarded the annual Retina Award to Dr. Merve Sen for her outstanding work “Retinal neuroprotection by controlled release of a VCP inhibitor from self-assembled nanoparticles”. The award is sponsored by the Novartis Pharma GmbH, supporting research in the field of retinal diseases, and was presented at the DOG 2022 conference, which was held in Berlin from Sept. 29 to Oct. 2.

Dr. Uwe Rose (Novartis), Dr. Merve Sen, Prof. Dr. Gerd Geerling (DOG)

Dr. Sen with supervisor Prof. Marius Ueffing

Prof. Dr. Jost Hillenkamp, chairman of the jury, recognized Dr. Sen as “an extremely promising young investigator who has made significant contributions to the understanding of the molecular mechanism of action of a therapeutically effective inhibition of Valosin Containing Protein (VCP) and has also developed a pharmacologically effective formulation for a novel delivery of this VCP inhibition-based therapy for dominant forms of retinal degeneration.”

Furthermore, he highlighted that Dr. Sen had published her work in high-impact scientific journals over the past year. Her research topic was seen as important and also clinically relevant, because the technique she has developed may make it possible to treat inherited forms of retinal degeneration in which dominant mutations in the photopigment rhodopsin lead to photoreceptor degeneration and autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa.

Dr. Merve Sen conducted her research on VCP in the Ueffing Lab under the supervision of Dr. Blanca Arango-Gonzalez and Prof. Marius Ueffing.

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