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Commendation for Eberhard Dodt Memorial Award granted to Alexander Günter at the ISCEV Symposium in Kyoto

We congratulate Alexander Günter on receiving one of the two commendations for this year's Eberhard Dodt Memorial Award at the 60th ISCEV symposium in March 2023 in Kyoto, Japan, for his research on retinal cone function in Mongolian gerbils.

The International society for clinical electrophysiology of vision (ISCEV) aims to promote and advance the knowledge of clinical electrophysiology of vision in the field of clinical and basic science, and is particularly well known for issuing world-wide standards and guidelines in this area.

A highlight of the ISCEV meetings is the awarding of the competitive Eberhard Dodt Memorial Award for the most outstanding contributions of promising young scientists during the conference.

This year, Alexander Günters oral presentation “Novel aspects for the study of cone pathophysiology in the Mongolian gerbil model” introduced this diurnal rodent as a superior model to investigate cone system physiology and raised the interest of both the audience and the judges, sparking a rich scientific discussion.

Subsequently, in recognition of his work, Mr. Günter received one of the two commendations as best young scientist at the ISCEV symposium, presented to him by the president of ISCEV, Dr. Ruth Hamilton (see photo).

Alexander Günter conducts his research in the Seeliger Lab under the supervision of Prof. Mathias Seeliger and Dr. Regine Mühlfriedel.

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