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The "MyoTreat“ project obtains funding by the European Union

This European project is coordinated by the Institute for Ophthalmic Research (Eberhard Karls University Tübingen)

The funded training network, "Myopia: from genes and environment to cellular responses and Treatment" (MyoTreat), aims to address the urgent need for more effective treatment interventions and earlier diagnosis of myopia, a complex disease with multiple causes. The network aligns with the EU health policy and the UN Sustainable Development Goal to improve health and well-being of citizens. It will train 14 doctoral students and be coordinated and managed by the Institute for Ophthalmic Research (Eberhard Karls University Tübingen): the scientist and manager in charge are Marita Feldkaemper and Sigrid Diether.

Research objectives include:

  1. Investigating the influence of environmental factors and gene-environment interactions on myopia development.
  2. Identifying and testing new treatment targets and biomarkers for myopia.
  3. Understanding the regulation of choroidal thickness, its relation to hypoxia, metabolic processes in the retina, and improving measuring techniques.

The consortium consists of 7 academic and 4 non-academic partners, assembling the best scientists in the field today. By employing state-of-the-art technologies and multidisciplinary expertise, the network seeks to provide answers to challenging research questions, training  the next generation of scientists in this field

Addressing the causes of myopia development and underlying anatomical changes should be a top healthcare priority to develop targeted therapies. While Asian countries have made significant efforts to combat myopia, the EU currently lags behind. The MyoTreat network aims to bridge this gap and advance research in this area.

Congrats to the consortium !