Trauzettel-Klosinski Lab

Vision Rehabilitation Research Unit

Head of the Lab

  • Head of Vision Rehabilitation Unit,
  • MD, Professor of Ophthalmology

Members of the Lab

Stephan Küster-Gruber

Theda Faisst


Denise Tara Leinberger

Maria Jose Galvez de Villalta

Associated co-workers from the University Eye Hospital Tuebingen

Constanze Kortüm

Anne Kurtenbach

Doctoral students

  • Faisst, Theda
    Eye movements during reading alphabetic words and Chinese characters in children with and without developmental dyslexia
  • Owczarek, Katarzyna Matylda
    The development of supply with visual aids for visually impaired in the years 1959-1988. A retrospective study based on the patient-recordings of the low vision service of Mrs. Prof. Elfriede Aulhorn, MD at the University Eye Hospital Tübingen.
  • Nill, Svenja
    „Sustained Attention under a gaze controlled paradigm and its significance to patients with central scotoma”
  • Kabisch, Paul
    The influence of reading training to the hemianopic reading disorder
  • Hinze, Desiree
    The Aulhorn Flicker test in the diagnosis of optic neuritis: Evaluation of a new computer-based test
  • Knipp, Clemens
    Eye movements during reading single words before and after reading training in patients with age-related macular degeneration