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Technology and Development

For reading analysis in patients with visual field defects

We use a Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) for detailed analysis of reading performance, preferred retinal locus and the effect of interventions

Training methods: we develop and apply software home-training programs for improving reading and orientation

Explorative saccadic training for children with hemianopia: Search task on a screen to support explorative eye movements and to enlarge the field of gaze.

The new digital flicker test to assess acute optic neuritis

The test subject is instructed to adjust the luminance of the lower field to match the subjective brightness of the upper flickering field. This is performed for flicker frequencies randomly varied between 1 and 60 Hz.

Standardized Texts

In cooperation with native speaking linguists of each language we are developing IReST in additional languages (a set of 10 equivalent texts in each language). Strict linguistic rules allow to create the texts with the same length, content and linguistic complexity. This will be specially suited for international reading studies.