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Project Abstract

In the context of the DYNAMO project, the constitution, topology and dynamics of membrane-associated protein complexes are investigated. Protein complexes and the dynamics of protein complexes play a central role during visual signal transduction in the retina. One goal of the project is to model the dynamics of the dark and light adaptation of photoreceptor cells mathematically. Since most of the crucial proteins have been identified during comprehensive proteomic interaction analyses by our group, it is now key to describe the processes quantitatively in order to fully understand the underlying biological mechanisms. Hence we are developing multiplexed mass spectrometry-based quantitative methods to determine the change of spatial protein concentrations in photoreceptors. The methods are based on rapid identification of proteotypic peptides, specific multiple-reaction monitoring sets and external or internal standardization for quantification. Protein concentrations are subsequently transferred to the developed models in order to teach and verify the computational approach.

Project Collaborators

  • Alexander Schäfer, Dpt. for Protein Science, Helmholtz Zentrum München

Scientists in Ueffing Lab

  • Dr. Sascha Dammeier
  • Dr. Johannes Dietter