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Lab Publications

General Audience

  1. Rathbun DL, Hosseinzadeh Z.  “Tickling the retina: How systems neurophysiology is advancing retinal
    prosthetics.”  Systembiologie.  2017 [in press]
    German edition. [link]
    International edition. [link]
  2. Rathbun DL. “Die Sprache der Netzhaut verstehen.” Aktuelle Ergebnisse der Gesundheitsforschung. 2017

Scientific Audience

  1. Hosseinzadeh Z, Jalligampala A, Zrenner E, Rathbun DL.  “The spatial extent of epiretinal electrical stimulation in
    the healthy mouse retina.”  Neurosignals.  2017 Jul 26;25(1):15-25.
  2. Sekhar S, Jalligampala A, Zrenner E, Rathbun DL.  “Correspondence between visual and electrical input filters of
    ON and OFF mouse retinal ganglion cells.”  J. Neural Eng. 2017 May;14(4):046017.

    Jalligampala A, Sekhar S, Zrenner E, Rathbun DL.  "Optimal Voltage Stimulation Parameters for Network-Mediated
    Responses in Wild Type and rd10 Mouse Retinal Ganglion Cells.” J. Neural Eng.  2017 Apr;14(2):026004.

    Sekhar S, Jalligampala A, Zrenner E, Rathbun DL.  “Tickling the Retina: Integration of Subthreshold
    Electrical Pulses can Activate Retinal Neurons.”  J. Neural Eng. 2016 Aug;13(4):046004.
  3. Rathbun DL, Alitto HJ, Warland DK, Usrey WM.  “Stimulus Contrast and Retinogeniculate Signal Processing.” 
    Front. Neural Circuits.  2016 Feb:10(8)
  4. Zrenner E, Greger B, Rathbun DL.  "The New Age of Implanted Visual Prostheses." in Restoring Vision to the
    Blind. Ed. Dowling JE.  Lasker Foundation.  2015.
    Also published in a special edition of Transl. Vis. Sci. Tech. vol. 3(7) 2014:

    1. The Lasker/IRRF Initiative in Vision Science (2014) Restoring vision to the blind: The new age of implanted visual prostheses. Translational Vision Science and Technology 3(7):3. doi:10.1167/tvst.3.7.3
    2. The Lasker/IRRF Initiative in Vision Science (2014) Restoring vision to the blind: Advancements in vision aids for the visually impaired. Translational Vision Science and Technology 3(7):9. doi:10.1167/tvst.3.7.9

  5. *Zrenner E, Bartz-Schmidt KU, Benav H, Besch D,  Bruckmann A, Danz S, Gabel V-P, Gekeler F, Graf H-G,
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    (*supplementary document on a primary research article with differential author list)
  6. Rathbun DL, Warland DK, Usrey WM.  “Spike Timing and Information Transmission at Retinogeniculate
    Synapses.”  J. Neurosci. 2010 Oct;30(41):13558-66.
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    Posterior Auditory Cortex.” Cerebral Cortex 2008 Feb;18(2):301-14 (* joint first-authorship)
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