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Pathophysiology of Vision

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The group applies and further develops all electrophysiological and psychophysical methods (dark adaptation, color vision, contrast vision) available for the assessment of retinal function in conjunction with imaging techniques (visual field, fluorescence angiography, autofluorescence, ocular coherence tomography). Multimodal mapping, i.e. the correlation of various morphological with various functional maps (Ganzfeld ERG, multifocal ERG, EOG, VEP) of the retina is of particular interest as the geographical development of disease processes can be assessed and the relevance of morphological changes for local functional changes can be assessed.

In particular the development and application of image processing techniques have been shown to be extremely helpful for early detection of pathology (Tröger, Sliesoraityte, Zrenner).

An electronic database for study patients has been established (Tröger, Lotz, Peters) and close cooperation with the group of Prof. Euler, concerning retinal function and modeling (Rathbun, Benav) has helped to compare non-invasive assessment of function with functional processes on cellular level.