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Research Management

The Research Management at the Institute for Ophthalmic Research supports its scientists to acquire new ideas and transform them in innovative projects. It acts as a strategic impulse giver and service provider in the area of vision research and ophthalmology on a local, national and European level.

Today science and research management should go hand to hand. Scientists should concentrate on their job to perform excellent science and to do so get substantial support in the implementation and dissemination of their projects.

The spectrum of services of our Research Management encloses the science-political knowledge management, internationalization of the research, consulting and support of applications, outside representation, project management, network education, promotion of young researchers and communication.

“Shape, steer, and allow: management adequate to science creates the clearances, science needs”.

Our experience over the last two decades demonstrates our competence and innovation power to bring the field forward and to reward the scientists for their dedication to bring light in the eye.