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ZEISS Vision Science Lab

“Industry on Campus Professorship” as part of the Excellence Initiative

More than four billion people all over the world are reliant on ophthalmic or medical devices to enable them to optimally utilize their vision potential. Since ZEISS launched the first modern eyeglass lens on the market back in 1912, many major advances have been achieved in the field of ophthalmic optics, but many fundamental visual process are still little understood. Therefore the University of Tübingen and ZEISS will be jointly researching into the fundamental processes involved in vision within the framework of a totally new type of collaboration. The ZEISS Vision Science Lab is an “Industry on Campus Professorship” workgroup at the University of Tübingen. As part of the Excellence Initiative, new collaborative projects with industry are being launched here at the interface between basic research and application orientation. Today, ZEISS can already correct numerous visual defects with eyeglass lenses that are tailored to the needs of each individual wearer.